UPDATED: August 24, 2023 

1.   This policy addresses Gun Control Act Firearms (Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles, Shotguns, Receivers, and Frames) deposited with Tim Smith – Gunsmith, LLC, hereafter referred to as, “This Business,” located at 408 Derby Lane, Georgetown, Texas 78626, Tim Smith, Proprietor, a Type 01 Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer. 

2.   In the conduct of normal business operations, firearms arrive at This Business in one of two ways:

2.1.              Delivered by common carrier (i.e. US Postal Service [USPS], United Parcel Service [UPS], Federal Express [FedEx], et.al.), or,


2.2.              Personally brought in by customers for consultation, and/or consequently left for service, repair, or restoration.

3.   Occasionally, a firearm delivered to, or left with This Business is either never claimed, or is abandoned by the owner.

4.   Firearms that remain unclaimed at this business for 30 days after initial notification that it is available to be collected will be charged, retroactive to the original notification, a $1.00 per day storage premium, and will prompt the following actions in the order described.

4.1.              Two (2) attempts to contact the customer by e-mail with delivery and read receipts activated, notifying them the firearm is ready for pick up. If no response is received within one week (7 days) of the first email, the second email will be sent in the same fashion.

4.2.              If the second email goes unanswered by the owner of the firearm, a Certified Letter notifying the customer, and describing action on their part that is required, to collect the firearm within 7 days of receipt of the letter, or the firearm will be declared ABANDONED BY OWNER by the proprietor, and the abandonment noted on the FFL Acquisition & Disposition Log for each affected firearm.

5.   Firearms deemed ABANDONED BY OWNER shall be disposed of in one of the following manners:

5.1.              Returned to the original shipper. This applies only to firearms purchased on-line by a customer who designated This Business as the receiving licensed agent for an interstate Federal Firearms License (FFL) Transfer. If the original shipper agrees to receiving the firearm back, shipping costs (if any) will be accounted for in accounts receivable as cost in arears, earmarked with the name of the individual for whom the firearm was originally intended and the make/model/serial number of the firearm. 

5.2.              Sold. 

5.2.1          If the original shipper will not accept a return, the firearm will be sold by the most expedient method available. 

5.2.2          Disassembled into individual parts, and the parts sold. Proceeds from the sale of parts from an ABANDONED BY OWNER firearm will be debited credited to the “Abandoned Property” account, with the name of the person who abandoned the firearm, as well as the make/model/serial number of the firearm.

5.2.3          Proceeds from the sale of ABANDONDED BY OWNER firearms and parts will be debited for any unpaid costs associated with storing/securing the firearm, time spent disassembling the firearm, time spent arranging the sale, packaging and shipping costs, and consignment fee. The remaining balance, if any, shall be credited to a fenced account titled “Abandoned Property.” Each credit to the account will be notated with the name of the person who abandoned the firearm, as well as the make/model/serial number of the firearm/parts sold.

5.3.              Destruction/Disposal.

If a complete firearm or parts from a firearm that are declared ABANDONED BY OWNER cannot be sold within one year, parts that do not require destruction will be disposed of or recycled. Receivers & frames (with or without serial numbers) will be destroyed in accordance with US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) firearm destruction standards.

6.0. Once final disposition of an abandoned firearm occurs, the method of disposition will be noted on the FFL Acquisition & Disposition Log and the firearm logged as DISPOSED.