Tuesday, October 4, 2016


 Do you remember last year at the close of Deer Season and you said to yourself, "I can't believe I missed that buck because of [insert problem with your rifle here]!"  At the time you said, “No problem, I have a year to take care of that.”  Well, guess what?  You're down to just a few weeks now.
The common problems that seem to carry over from one year to the next include scopes that have fogged up, broken parts like safeties, swivels, damaged sights, or stripped screws.  Most of these are simple little fixes that don’t really take that long to fix.  If you’re a do it your self kind of person then it’s time to get out to the garage and make some quick repairs.  If you plan to take this work to a gunsmith you had better head right over to that shop NOW.  Because if a gunsmith is worth his salt, he is already busy with a few dozen other guys guns.
Minor repairs are not the only things to consider.  Remember last year you swore you would have a better trigger before you took this gun out again?  Or, maybe you planned to have the stock glass bedded to improve accuracy.  Many shooters discover that the old scope is just too hard to see through in low light, after looking through their buddy’s scope one frosty morning last fall a new scope became a priority.  Even if you’re sticking with an old scope make sure the scope mounts and rings are tight and that none of the screws have broken off.  You would be surprised how many accuracy problems are simply loose scope mounts and rings.
And don't underestimate the impact a good cleaning can have on your gun's accuracy. Weather you let the gunsmith do it (or show you how), or you choose to do it yourself, a clean firearm shoots more accurately, and extends the life of your favorite fall hunting tool!

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