Tuesday, January 16, 2018


While cleaning a gun that a customer purchased at a gun show, I noticed that the cleaning rod consistently became harder to push toward the muzzle of the barrel. Normally, the brush loosens fouling with each pass and becomes easier to push. I ran my bore camera down the barrel, the rifling closer to the receiver appeared normal, but as the camera got closer to the muzzle end of the barrel, I found significant damage to the rifling. The damage looked to me like a bullet became lodged in the barrel, and someone tried firing a second bullet to clear the barrel. Now I have to tell this customer that the gun he nought for $75, is going to cost nearly that much to replace and fit a new barrel.

Lessons to take away from this:

1. Never, NEVER shoot a firearm that has an object stuck in the barrel!! Doing so unecessarily risks the safety of the person holding the gun and that of anyone in close proximity.  If a bullet becomes lodged in the barrel, unload and clear the firearm and get it to a qualified gunsmith!

2. When considering purchasing a firearm at a gun show, BUYER BEWARE!!  Most people who sell at gun shows are reputable, law abiding folks. But every once in a while, some dirt bag will try to pass off something that they damaged through negligence as a "great deal".  Even if you are confident that the gun you bought is safe, do yourself a favor and have it checked by a qualified gunsmith.

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