Tuesday, March 1, 2022


If you've done business with me in the past, you know that I try my best to be transparent about costs. 

Additionally, you've no doubt observed, over the past year, that wholesale and retail costs have increased significantly due to unchecked inflation.

I have done my best to keep costs at a level that would not force me to increase my fees, but I can no longer continue operating in this market without reducing my losses.

Accordingly, effective on March 1, 2022, I am forced to raise my base labor rate from $40 per hour to $60 per hour.  Whiles this represents a sizeable 33% increase that will be applied to all services I provide, it is 60% lower than the average labor rate of $147 per hour charged for typical automobile repair labor in Texas.  This also represents the first labor rate increase I have made in 4 years.

This increase will also impact my FFL Transfer Fees modestly. Effective with this notice, the fee for a standard FFL Transfer that requires a FBI NICS background check will be $30 per firearm. For individuals who possess a valid Texas License to Carry Handgun, the fee is discounted to $25 per firearm.

Fairness is a key pillar of my core values, so, for all jobs in the queue prior to this change, I will certainly honor the $40 per hour labor rate as well as all quotes based on that labor rate. Same goes for FFL Transfers that are already in progress. I will honor the $25 stsndard fee and the reduced $20 fee for Texas LTC holders for all transfers initiated prior to this post.

I appreciate all who have done business with me in the past. And while increasing labor charges is certainly distasteful, the alternative (going out of business) is equally distasteful. So I trust that, although unpleasant, this rate increase will be understandable, if not pleasant.

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